Need to build an MVP?

We build and launch web apps for non-technical startup founders in 14 days for $9k flat



Let's get your project off to the right start with a free 30-minute consultation. 


Why work with us?

Just because you don't have a technical cofounder doesn't mean you should give up on your idea. But putting up nothing more than a google form or Wix site to "validate your lean startup" won't cut it either. 

You need a real, functional MVP, without going bankrupt, and fast before someone else builds it first. Right?

We've got you covered.

We will absolutely NOT waste time doing this.

We will absolutely NOT waste time doing this.

Tech from this century

We use modern languages like Node and React so when you do hire your first full-time developers, they can jump right in. No buggy PHP framework that'll be scrapped on sight.

No nonsense

We skip all the Silicon Valley bells & whistles, like going through eight stages of "ideation" and taking photos of ourselves putting sticky notes on walls. We focus our energy on rapidly building out the features you actually need to prove your concept–nothing more, nothing less.

We ship quality code using the leanest, most agile development methods and iterative design techniques.
— Waveney Antoine | Chief Buzzword Officer

But seriously, our products launch fast and actually work.

The Process


Phase 1: Discovery

  • Sign NDA (We are serious about protecting your IP!)
  • 30 min free consultation (via skype) to develop a technical roadmap
  • Feature spec or proposal of deliverables & signed agreement

Phase 2: Design & Development

  • UI Mockup of essential features, delivered in Invision
  • Development sprint split into two functionality milestones you can test and play with

Phase 3: Testing & Launch

  • QA testing to iron out all bugs
  • Guided launch with walkthrough of how to maintain your site
  • Handover of all assets, code, etc. through Github and Heroku

What we BUILD—

Responsive web apps  /  Subscriptions  /  User Accounts  /  Marketplaces  /  API Integrations  /  E-commerce  /  SaaS  /  Crowdfunding  /  & more


Check out a recent MVP


Flashcard app for college students aiming to revolutionize the study process with grid-based learning. 

Timeframe: 14 days
Budget: 9k


  • Paid user subscriptions powered by Stripe 

  • Live autosave editing of flashcards and grids with Meteor 

  • Fully mobile responsive in both editing and flashcard mode

  • User accounts, sharing, dashboard and search

I loved working with Muno Creative. If you are looking for an amazing web developer and web designer, look no further. Waveney and Ruben are incredible responsive, hard workers, kind, and produce beautiful work. They respected our timeline and gave me frequent updates, which I loved. They care about the end goal of the project, and they respectfully offer suggestions, even if it was something I hadn’t thought about or initially didn’t agree with. I don’t want to write too great of a review because I hope to use them in the future and don’t want them to be too busy:) They are excellent!
— Carey C. | Founder, StudyHack

Our story

When we launched our first startup as undergrads at Stanford, we got burned (badly!) by hiring offshore devs, thinking it'd save money. We blew every penny we had, almost 20K, only to be left with a buggy website that couldn't even make it through a beta launch. We were laughed out of the room by initial users and potential investors alike. They told us we didn't have a chance without a technical cofounder. 

Several years later, armed with our own design and dev skills, we've turned a bunch of our big ideas into successful little startups in super short spans of time. 

Now we're working with founders like you to give cool new ideas a fighting chance. 


Highlight reel:

  • Two companies sold in the past 2 years

  • Seven figure revenue e-commerce company

  • AASL Best Website for Teaching & Learning Award (For Factile, fka Jeopardy Rocks)

  • Millions of users across our platforms

  • Beauty brand featured in Vogue, Essence, Refinery29 and more

  • Development tutorials featured by Stripe and Cloudinary

  • Design agency with countless satisfied clients

Word on the Street

Muno Creative was extremely time responsive, consistent and super helpful. They built my whole website and created a great marketplace for my business. I would definitely recommend them and would certainly work with them again!


—Heather M.

A pleasure and delight to work with. Their timely communication skills coupled with diligent work ethic made designing the site to my needs an ease. After explaining my project to them in a brief meeting, they did superb, creative and quality work, and made themselves available for any changes I may have needed. I definitely recommend hiring Muno Creative.

—Yehudah W.

Muno put together my website. They kept the project moving forward even when I lagged on getting information to them. They were were responsive to my requests, and even when I requested something that seemed impossible, they did the research to find a work-around. Hard working, dependable, they go the extra mile for clients.

—Amanda H.

I like when they give me bones.

—Brobee B.