Hair Styles


  • We are called "the set" so we only do sets. Of twists, rollers, flexi rods, perm rods, curlformers, etc. No other random stuff.
  • Major issue/question: should we blow hair out before styling? In the case of up-dos and also twisted/rod set styles? And, should we charge extra if so? And how does that effect the timing of everything?
  • Do we offer corn rowing or flat twisting as a standalone style? How do we handle it if people ask for specific flat twist/cornrow/etc?
  • Should we have "add a braid" / french braid option? etc
  • Name styles and describe with pictures rather than based on the tool used to make the style. Different "sets" rather than tool-based. May not even be worth it to include a twist out if that doesnt "set" as well as the rollers do. And last as long. Consult with a professional about that. 
  • How often do these styles last? + make sure to include maintenance tips (with pictures! ex. a person in a satin scarf getting into bed) with the card sent home with the client.
  • Bridal Updos ??
  • Do NOT offer twist outs because those are the SAME as a flexi rod set except that because of the flexi rod's ability to hold the hair taut it will have more reliable results, and is more professional. 
  • just do blow then twistout/braidout on kids to minimize styling time and set a good example for parents.

Perm Rod Set

Flexi Rod set


Kids Twist

Things we don't do:

  • Crochet braids, and any other form of SYNTHETIC HAIR INSTALLATION
  • Weaves/styling weaves
  • Perms/Relaxers
  • Cornrows and any other type of purely cornrowed style
  • Anything not in our style book